Carol Ann and Don Doan Family Pictures
Carol was late comer, I was 17 when she was born and we lost our Mother Polly when she was only 4 yrs old in 1962.
As you can see she was the apple of my mothers eye and we all loved her.


 Carol Ann Morgan with my mom Polly on Daytona Beach             Carol and husband Don Doan at my Birthday in 2005

                                            My sister Carol with daughter Jaqueline "Katie" in 1985

                                                            1977 San Antonio Texas


Carol with basket with Aunt Daisy and her kids Ella, Babb, Ray and Honeybun, All nicknamed by grandmother

Going back in time, 1. Family gathering at Aunt Libby and Lou Nickell's house in Jacksonville
2. Sam & Myrtle Nickell with kids Lou Jr, Mildred annd Polly
3. My mother Polly front of our house in Daytona w/ Steve and Billy
4. Steve Mom and sister Carol ready for church on Hallock St in Jacksonville


Carol's son Cameron new years 2007                                                                                           Katie getting ready to get hitched


                            Katie's daughter Brooklynne Murray                                                                            Brooklynne


                                Proud Mom and Dad

The whole family at the Jacksonville, Fla. Zoo.        Guess who is the monkey?                                            Logan, Carol and Cameron

                        Cameron's Graduation picture 2008                                                        Brooklynne Morgan Murray, 4 years old