Our Great Grandchildren


Jaden Malachi Swift with Grandma Robin King                                                     Jaden with Gr-Grandpa Morgan


                    Jaden 1 year old                                                                                                Leanna Lynne at home in Trenton, Georgia




Leanna Lynne King-Wesche, Sweetest baby in the world with Mother Dawn                                Leanna with Gr-Grandma Morgan


She can get mad if she doesn't get her way                                                                                  Leanna with grandpa Darrell King

I sent her a Billy Bob pacifier and her mother has had a ball with it.        Her First birthday with Grandma Robin King

 See Rock City, Robin, Dawn and Leanna Lynne                   
I have taken every one of my grandkids and gr-grandkids for a ride on the Same ATV



            Grandpa babysitting                                                                                Jaden found a way to get to stuff he couldn't reach

                    Leanna bundled up for winter in North Georgia                                                             It speaks for itself            


                                        Leanna, Feb 2009, 2 yrs old                                                                            March 2009



March 2009 with Mom                                                                            March 2009 with Grandma


    April 2010                                                                                                                            Jaden Swift 2011



        Jaden and Leanna playing together at Gr-grandma's house                                                            Izaya Arrendondo





        Gr-Grandson Travis Lee Delgado