Darrell & Robin King
Oldest daughter and family



Easter 1971                                                                                                Robin and Dawn at the St. John's Rivers Camp

        Robin caught a fish, Her Dad's trailer in Jungle Den Astor Fla.                                    In front of home in South Daytona


                                Don't they look innocent!                                                            Caleb's Graduation from Warner Christian Academy in 2007


Darrell and Grandaughter Leanna Lynne King-Wesche








                                    Fishing on the St. Johns river on 17th birthday



Dawn and Leanna

Dawn King and Leanna with Leanna's dad James Wesche in Trenton, Ga. Leanna's 1st birthday

During 2004 hurricanes we visited Les and Christy in Illinois, Went to St. Louis Arch, Eating lunch in St. Louis, Mo.


Darrell and Mom Fathers Day 2008, We live in Florida

Robin with Roxy thinking about jumping in.


Caleb working out at home on leave from Prep School


Josh and Dawn King at grandma Morgan's house

That's Robin on swing left side w/ Ron and Christy

Darrell with grandaughter Leanna Lynne in Ga.

At naval Prep School


Robin & Darrell in Restaurant when visiting son Caleb at Naval Prep School in Rhode Island

Darrell's Mother Pat King



Christmas 2007, Is this it? Caleb, Dawn, Josh, Robin & Darrell

Caleb's first day as a Plebe at Annapolis Naval Academy

Newport RI, Caleb's graduation From Naval Prep School  2008

Joshua King with Son Jaden


Racing gocarts at Daytona Beach Speedwy


Darrell & Robin with Grandaughter Leanna Lynne in Trenton, Ga.

Pat King Hang Gliding