Nancy Jane Keller Morgan's Family Pictures

Woodall Reunion in South Georgia                                           Nancy's grandparents Clarence Charles Woodall Sr and Lauree OmegaTraylor
                                                                                                                                                        in Blackshear, Pierce Co., Ga.

       Ralph Traylor "Buddy" Woodall Jr. Killed by sniper in Vietnam in 1967
                                                                                            Nancy's sister Betty Keller with husband John Winter, She passed in 2004
144 x 32                                                                       John is a retired Coast Guard


                Lonnie Woodall died in 2003, Buddy's brother                                     Clarence Charles Woodall Jr. Passed in 1981 Blackshear, Ga.


            Bill Boyd and wife Lauree Traylor "Cheet" Woodall                                             Dan Miles and wife Roselyn Annette Woodall


                    Taken in Blackshear, Ga.                                                                                  Hardy Franklin Keller Nancy's grandfather


Mary Willie Woodall & husband Merle Keller, Nancy's parents                     Hardy Keller and niece Christy Morgan Preston planting beans


        Roselyn, Cheet, Clarence, Ruth, Ralph, Mary and Bub Woodall                               Old Woodall or Griffin house in Georgia, Nancy's Ancestors

Francis Keller and Jesse McCoy's wedding Blackshear, Ga.         Miriam and Cleve's daughters Candice and Cassie at Daytona Beach 


Nancy's mom with Grandkids at Beach 1972, Daytona Pier in Background           Merle Keller fishing with grandaughter Christy Morgan Preston

Ray & Susan Tuten Keller, Beth Keller & Thomas Lloyd, Bill Keller            Mark and Lisa Lloyd, with Landry & Preston, At Disney
Blackshear, Georgia

Nancy With Uncle Bub Woodall in Blackshear, Ga                                        Nancy on Hoss at uncle Dan Miles a little while back

Bub's Funeral Pictures


Nancy's Parents Mary Woodall & Merle Keller                                         Ginger Miles,  Nancy's cousin in Blackshear, Ga. at Uncle Bub's


William H. Higgins Nancy's Gr-Gr_Grandfather from Maine    Bub's daughter Miriam and husband Cleve Harden
Union Soldier


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